Lynastown Burial Ground

Vol. 1 No. 1 - 1969

Lynastown Burial Ground

by S.J.W. Cooper

When some members of the Historical Society were carrying out research in the townland of Moyraverty, a burial ground, approximately 35 yards in length and 25 yards in breadth, and surrounded by a high wall of rubble masonry, attracted attention.

Marked on the O.S. map as Friends' Burial Ground, it is also known as the Lynastown Burial Ground. It is situated on the old Lurgan-Portadown road about 200 yards past the old Red Cow Inn, on the Lurgan side, and is approached by a pathway about 60 yards long from the roadway to the burial-ground entrance.

Interest was aroused by the fact that, while this was a Friends' Burial Ground, it was situated far from a centre where Friends worshipped. Research was initiated and some interesting features were revealed.

William Lynas of Legacorry

From the List of Friends buried here - and which is given at the end of this article - it will be seen that the earliest interment was that of William Lynas of Legacorry, in 1658.

Mark Sewyer, also of Legacorry, was interred there in the same year.

The earliest record book of the Society of Friends in Lurgan contains the following:

"William Lynas (the Elder) was convinced of truth in the beginning of its breaking forth in these parts, lived in the belief of it, received friends with a willing mind and meetings were kept at his house at ye first meetings here, obtained a good report amongst ye neighbourhood by his Christian behaviour, stood in his testimony for truth and bore reproach for Christ's sake in whom he believed and continued in ye faith untill he died and departed this life ye 22nd of 4th month in the year 1658."

Since there was no Friends' burial ground in the area, and being a Non-Conformist, it appears that William Lynas was buried in this ground, or portion of ground, which as we shall see later was granted by deed by Thomas Lynas to his friends, Ffrancis Robson and William Porter to be held "for ever for quiet enjoyment".

This Thomas Lynas was the son of William Lynas.

In the list of burials we find "bur. Monraverty", "Lyness Town", "Lynastown", and "Moyraverty".

The entry "James Marshall (60) Clan role, Co. Armagh" introduced the spelling "Monraverty" - the modern name - in 1858.

Extracts from the original deed state:

"This indenture was made the fifteenth day of the tenth month in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred seventy and three between Thomas Lynas in the townland of Monreaverty in the Manner of Carnon County of Ardmagh and borrony of Onealand east, freehoulder, on the one part and Ffrancis Robson of the townland of Tomnefecarbit, and William Porter of Lurgan in the Manner of Brownloe's Derry, Weavers -- for in the summe of ten shillings ster. .. assignee for ever ALL the percell of ground as it is now fended and about and enclosed ... now in the possession of the said Thomas Lynas."

So to the present time this small portion of ground is known as Lynastown Burial Ground.

Interesting facts are:
  1. The large number of burials under the name Christy.
  2. Robert Hoope's five children were buried in Moyraverty between 1670 and 1695. He himself and the other Hoopes were buried in Lurgan. The name has still local interest - "Hoope Hill" - in Lurgan.
  3. In 1679, Hanna Logan, the 5 year old daughter of Patrick Logan, and his wife were buried in Monraverty. Hanna was a sister of James Logan, who was secretary to William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania.
  4. The name Kirk - still prevalent locally - had Roger's three children buried before their father's death. He rests in Lurgan graveyard.
  5. Thomas and Margaret Sinton, buried two sons both called James Sinton - the first in 1761, aged 2, and the second, aged 3, died in 1766.

The complete list of burials is appended.

List of Friends Buried at the Burial Ground at Monreaverty, Lynastown

(From original Records)

Surname First Name Died Age Residence Relationship Burial
AtkinsonEdward1685-of Ballinacorr -bur. Monraverty.
BellArchibald1668-Tannaghmoreson of Archibald Bell ditto.
BassPeter1670-Buconnell -do.
BulloghJames1678-Lisacurran -do.
BrownWilliam1689-Termyreh -do.
BradshawMary1689-Drumonically daughter of Jamesdo.
BrownElizabeth1691-Monraverty daughter of Williamdo.
BullockBenjamin1692-Lurgan son of Ezekieldo.
BrowneRobert1693-Monreaverty son of Williamdo.
BulloughJoanna--- widowdo.
BullockAbraham1694-- son of Ezekieldo.
BulloughSarah1703/4--daughter of Thomasdo.
BulloughMary1703/4--daughter of Thomasdo
BlackElizabeth1859-Ballyshannon Co. Armagh-Lyness Town-Non-Member.
ChristyThomas1682-Balligargan son of AlexanderMonraverty.
Christy"1682-Moyallon son of Alexander"
ChristyMargaret1689-ditto. daughter of Alexander"
ChristyMary1693-" ditto. "
ChristyIsabel1694-Knockanor wife of John"
ChristyMargaret171772-wife of Alexander"
ChristyMary1748-Moyallonwife of John"
Christy"1750-" Wife of Thomas"
ChristyJohn176390" son of Alexander& Margaret"
ChristyJohn17641 wk.-son of John & Deborah "
ChambersAbigail*-- daughter of Thomas & Catherine"
ChambersJames176412 -son of Thomas & Catherine"
ChambersMary176511 3/4 -daughter of ""
ChristyMargaret1765--wife of James"
ChambersSarah17673 days-daughter of Thomas & Catherine"
ChristyJohn1771-Stramore son of Jas. & Margaret "
ChristyHannah177812" daughter of John & Deborah"
ChristyJohn177911" son of John & DeborahMontraverty
ChristyThomas1780-Moyallon son of John & Mary"
ChristyJoseph178424-son of John & Deborah"
DunbarDavid1685-Lurgan -Monraverty
DawsonThomas1780-"son of Thomas & Mary"
FoxAnne1694-Lurgan daughter of George Fox"
GilpinJohn1685-Tannefaglessan -Monraverty
GibsonMary1695-Drumgorwife William"
GibsonDeborah171?--daughter of William"
HoopeAbraham1670-Lurgan son of Robert"
Hollingsworth -1671 -Ballymacramellwife of ValentineMonraverty
HoopeSarah1672-Lurgan daughter of RobertMonraverty
HoopeTabitha1673-" " ""
HardingMary1675-.Magheralin " John"
HartEsther1678-Toberhenry widow"
HoopeMoses1682-Lurgan son of Robert"
HarlandJames1681--son of Thomas"
HilleryTobias1684-Tullygallyson of Christopher"
HarlandCatherine1690-- wife Thomas"
HardingMary1693-Lissacurran wife Thomas"
HilleryMary1693-Tullygally daughter of Francis"
HoopeElisha1695-Lurgan son of Robert"
HallidayRachael1697--wife John"
HilleryDorothy---daughter of Francis"
HarlandMary1700-Tanaghmore widow Peter"
KirkDinah1674-Tullygally daughter of Roger"
KirkMargaret1677-Ballyhanaghan widow John"
KirkElizabeth1685-Tullygally daughter of Roger"
KirkRoger1686-"son of ""
KirkDeborah1696-" daughter of Timothy"
LynesWilliam1658-Legacorry (Shankill)-"
LeaAbnor1677-Waringstown son of William"
LoganHannah1678-Lurgan daughter of Patrick"
LeaWilliam1682-Waringstown son of William"
LynasCatherine1704-" wife Richard"
MatthewsAbner1676-Lurgan son of William"
MatthewsElizabeth1676-" wife Alexander"
MarsonElizabeth1692-Termyrey wife Richard"
MullikinMargaret1694-Moyallen daughter of James"
MullikinJames1694-"son of James"
MortonAbigail1696/7-"daughter of John"
MortonMargaret1720-- wife John"
MortonSamuel173432Moyallen son of John"
MarshallJames1839 13Clanrole Co. Armagh -Lynastown Non-Member
MarshallJames185860"-Moyraverty Non-Member
NeillSarah1764--wife John"
NeillJohn1782--son of James & Jane"
PeirsonChristopher 1670-Lurgan"
Peirson William 1675-""
PorterRachel1689 20thLurgandaughter of William"
PorterMary1689 21st"wife William"
PorterMary1694-"wife John"
PorterHanna1694-"daughter of William"
RobsonIsabel1671 -Tanificorbetwife Francis"
Robson Joseph1671-"son of Francis"
ReyEleanor1674 -Lissacurranwife John"
RobsonHannah1685 -Tanificorbetdaughter of John"
Robson Francis1683-""
RobsonFrancis1689-"son of John"
RobsonJohn I1689-"son of John"
RobsonStephen1700-"son of John & Sarah "
RobsonSarah1705-"daughter of John & Sarah "
RobsonJohn Junr. 1714 23-son of John"
Ranton Margaret1723 ---"
SewyerMark1658 -Legacorry-"
SceifeThomas1674 -Ballyahanahan son of Michael"
StamperSarah1674 -Lurgandaughter of Hugh"
Stamper Hugh1676-"-"
SceifeRebecca1677 -Ballyhanahandaughter of Michael"
StamperBridget1681/2 -Lurganwidow Hugh"
StamperDaniel1685 28Lurgan son of Hugh"
SandersRobert1709/10 -"-"
SintonJames1761 2-son of Thomas & Margaret"
SintonJames1766 3-son of Thomas & Margaret"
TurnerNathaniel1673 -Lurganson of Thomas"
ThwayteThomas1676 -Dougher near Lurgan-"
TurnerJonathan1697--son of John & Deborah"
WebbAnne1709/10 80--"
WebbJudith1709/10-wife John"
WebbRebecca1709/10-daughter of John"
Wakefield Hanna1779-(daughter of Thos.Christy) wife Joseph"
WakefieldSusanna-daughter of Joseph & Hanna"
WebbMargaret1839 73Moyallon-Lynastown Par Monraverty
WebbJohn1839 36 Clonrole- ditto Non-Member
WebbHenry1857 80Clonrole.-Lynastown Non-Member
WaiteIsabelle1858 70Drumgor""
WebbJohn1859 55Clanrole""
WebbJohn183936"" "
WaiteIsabella1858 70Drumgor"
WebbThomas1887 75"""
Uprichard Rebecca188837Lurgan""
BlackThomas1890 88Moyraverty""
GreenJames189986Greenmount (minister) Lurgan-"
WebbAnn190863Belfastdaughter of John & Ann"
GreenFrancis (Fanny)191077Lurganwidow John"
WebbJames191677Belfastson of John & Ann"
WebbRuth191859Belfastdaughter of John & Ann"
Williamson Mary192884Tamnafiglassondaughter of John & Esther"
Williamson William193985Drumnagoonhusband of Elizabeth"
WilliamsonElizabeth 195999Drumnagoon wife William"
Williamson William John196769Drumnagoonson of William & Elizabeth"