Middle Church Ballinderry

Vol. 6 No. 1 - 1989

The Middle Church Ballinderry

by Kieran Clendinning

The church was built by Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Connor and was consecrated in 1688. His churches were of the Jacobean style and the Middle-church of Ballinderry is a charming relic of 17th century construction.

It replaced the medieval church of the parish of Ballinderry, the ruins of which still exist two miles away at Portmore, close to Lough Beg. The site of the new church was more convenient and accessible as it is in the centre of the parish and on a country road. However, it was itself replaced by a new parish church which continues to serve the parish. This is how the Middle Church got its name; also known as “Jeremy Taylor’s Church”, it is one of the finest examples of a plantation church in Ulster.

After falling into direpair, the Middle Church was renovated at the behinning of the 20th century with the aid of a donation of £2,000 from Mrs Walkington of Ballinderry in memory of her husband.

Exterior of Ballinderry Church
Exterior of Ballinderry Church - https://ballinderryparish.org

Members of the Society will remember visiting the church and being fascinated by it's charm and antiquity. The pictures reproduced here and on page 21 [omitted] may help recall that occasion.

Interior of Ballinderry Church
Interior of Ballinderry Church showing the box-like pews... candlesticks show that candlelight is still the means of illumination - https://ballinderryparish.org.

We are indebted to Ballinderry Parish Church for use of photographs from their excellent website. [Ed.]