Portadown Station

Vol. 6 No. 1 - 1989

Portadown Station

by Arnold Sleator

Portadown Station was one of the most important junctions in Ireland. My father was Station Master at Portadown from May 1930 until December 1943. He kept meticulous records of surveys he carried out and some of these are shown in the tables below.

Portadown Station Staff - November 1935

Number of Passenger Trains Arriving At and Departing From the 4 Platforms for a Weekly Period of Seven Days in 1931:

Day No 1
up-side platform
No 2
up-island platform
down-island platform
down-side platform
Total number of staff
SUNDAY 7 1 3 8 19
MONDAY 17 8 23 13 61
TUESDAY 17 8 23 13 61
WEDNESDAY 17 9 24 13 63
THURSDAY 17 8 23 13 61
FRIDAY 17 8 23 13 61
SATURDAY 19 10 25 14 68
TOTALS 111 52 144 87 394

Portadown station had 9 level crossings attached to it. The following table shows a census of traffic over the crossings in the period 19th November to 16th December 1931:

name of level crossing horse-drawn vehicles motor-cars motor lorries under 3 tons motor lorries 3-5 tons motor lorries over 5 tons omni-buses motor-bicycles bicycles total number of vehicles

Record of Rail Excursions from Portadown in 1931
Date Organisation Destination Tickets sold Total cost Train details
6th June SatLife BoysBelfast18£ 1: 6: 3Reserved Compartments
7th June SunMr GreenawayDrogheda/ Boyne Valley 53£21: 4: 0Norman Services
11th June ThursSt Mark's S.S.Warrenpoint1719£93: 2: 32 Special each of 13 thirds + 1 Compo + 1 Van
18th June ThursMethodist S.S.Warrenpoint1500£ 81: 5: 02 Special each of 13 thirds + 1 Compo + 1 Van
25th June ThursDrumcree, Dobbyn, Tartaraghan and Milltown S.S. Warrnepoint961£52: 1 : 11 Special of 13 thirds + 1 Van
25th June ThursCorbett's ShopWhitehead61£ 9:17: 811.30am ex Dublin with 2 Sun Saloon Buses from Belfast to Whtiehead
27th June SatSeagoe Girls' FriendlyDublin37£13:17: 6Reserved 7.45am ex Belfast
13th July MonCounty DemostrationKillylea1358£96: 3:10Specials
14th July TuesScarva DemonstrationScarva1654£67: 1 : 0Specials
14th July TuesBaptist S.S.Warrenpoint133£ 9:19: 64 thirds attached to 9.12am
15th July WedJunior RechabitesNewcastle513£42:15: 0One Special of 9 thirds + 2 Vans
15th July ThursRev Canon McDonald S.S. Warrenpoint1217£65:18: 52 Specials each of 9 thirds + 1 Van
16th July ThursSeagoe S.S.Warrenpoint821£44: 9:51 Special of 14 thirds + 1 Van
16th July ThursGospel Hall S.S.Warrenpoint141£10:11: 64 thirds attached to 9.12am
23rd July ThursUnited Presbyterian S.S.Newcastle1054£79: 1 : 02 Specials each of 9 thirds + 2 Vans
25th July SatKnocknamuckley S.S.Warrenpoint230£16: 5:104 thirds attached to 9.12am
3rd Aug MonWest Street HallBangor710£91:12: 01 Special 13 thirds + 1 Van
12th Aug WedApprentice BoysDerry430£96:15: 06 bogie thirds, 1 saloon, 1 compo
13th Aug ThursSalvation ArmyWarrenpoint233£16:10: 14 thirds attached to 9.12am
15th Aug SatAncient Order HiberiansArmagh142£ 8:17: 64 thirds attached to normal service
20th Aug ThursFootball ClubBelfast131£11: 9: 32 bogie thirds to 4pm ex Derry
22nd Aug SatHamilton RobbBangor216£27:18: 0Special of 2 superior bogies, 1 third bogie + small third

Time Checks on the GNR Company (Ireland)

"In order that correct and uniform time may be maintained by the clocks all along the line, the following arrangements must be strictly carried out:

At two minutes before 9.35am (Irish Time) the Telegraph clerk at Amiens Street Station will take possession of the Dublin and Belfast, Dublin and Howth, and intermediate Railway Station wires by means of signalling the word "Time"; then just before the precise moment, hold the instrument dead and signal the word "Ten", by which all the Stations on the circuit will know the exact time, namely 9.35am (Irish Time), and must adjust their clocks accordingly.

Guards in charge of the first Passenger Trains which start after 9.35am must, on their arrival at each Station where there is no Telegraph, give the exact time to the Station Master or other person in charge, and if the time given by the Guard differs from that of the clocks at these Stations, the latter must be altered to agree with the Guard's time".

(QUOTE: Working Time Table 1.10.1905).

Portadown Railway Station
Early photograph of the railway station (now sadly demolished).