Early settlers in Lurgan

Vol. 2 No. 2 - 1973

Early settlers in Lurgan

by P. Creery

"He hath made near adjoyning a good village consisting of 40 houses inhabited with English tenants on both sides of the streets, in which a good windmill stands".

The above is culled from a survey of the estate of William Brownlow dated A.D. 1622, and is a description of Lurgan, or Lurgan Towne as it was known in the mid-17th century. From an examination of the lists of Co. Armagh Householders 1664-65 (taken from Seancas Ardmaca, Vol. 3, No. 1. 195) and of H.M. Roll, Armagh 1664, of the barony of O'Nealand, Parish of Shankill, Lurgan Towne, as shown below, we may assume to know the majority of names of those living in Lurgan at that time.

Family names

It may be of interest to compare these names with those on the 1967 Register of Electors for Co. Armagh, Polling District 46, in order to discover those names which have survived locally since then.

The numbers in brackets refer to the number of entries for each name.

Co. Armagh householders 1664-65 Seancas Ardmaca H.M. Roll Armagh 1664 Barony of O'Nealand and parish of Shankill Register of electors Co. Armagh 1967 Polling District 46
Barnes John Barnes John Barnes (2)
Barrowes Thomas Barrowes Thomas Nil
Best Francis Best Francis Best (39)
Blackburn David Blackburn David Nil
Blackhall William Blackhall William Nil
Booth Josias & Robert Booth Josias & Robert Nil
Brooms Thomas Brooms Thomas Nil
Cooley Joseph Cooley Joseph Nil
Coulter John Coulter John Coulter (9)
Crawford Andrew Crawford Andrew Crawford (7)
Dawson Francis Dawson Francis Dawson (9)
Dowdall Henry Dowdall Henry Nil
Farrell Robert Ffarrell Robert Farrell (7)
Fletcher Allexander Ffletcher Allexander Fletcher (4)
Gibson William Gibson William Gibson (18)
Gill Alexander Gill Alexander Nil
Hamilton Luddowick Hamilton Luddewick Hamilton (92)
Harker John Harker John Nil
Harland Peter Harland Peter Harland (19)
Harrison Miles Harrison Miles Harrison (22)
Heath John Heath John Heath (1)
Hoops Robert Hoops Robert Nil
Hutchison Allexander Hutchison Allexander Hutchison (16)
Joanes William Joanes William Nil
Maghen James Maghen James Nil
Marshall William Marshall William Marshall (31)
Martin Major Foulk Martin Major Ffoulk Martin (63)
Mathews John Mathews John Mathews (6)
McCormack Henry Mccormack Henry Mccormack (3)
McElleavy Miles McElleavy Miles Nil
Kitchen John Kitchen John Nil
Perry William Perry William Perry (10)
Porter Widdow Porter Widdow Porter (9)
Reilly John Reilly John Reilly (14)
Smart William Smart William Nil
Spence William Spence William Spence (1)
Stamper Hugh Stamper Hugh Nil
Thornberry George Thornberry George Thornberry (11)
Thompson Widdow Thompson Widdow Thompson (120)
Tymons Richard Tymons Richard Nil
Wallace Charles Wallace Charles Wallace (9)
White Thomas White Thomas White (20)
Willson Hugh Willson Hugh Willson (103)
O'Hugh Torlagh O'Hugh Torlagh Nil

Twenty-eight of the original names are still to be found in the town although five show a slight spelling variation. As can be seen, names like Thompson, Wilson, Hamilton, Marshall and Martin still survive in some numbers, while others, such as Spence, are few. And, of course, there was Torlagh O'Hugh.

This is an excerpt of a study still being pursued by the writer. [ED.]