Preserving Community History

CHS logo - cruck truss dwelling
Cross section through a local Cruck Truss dwelling, the logo of Craigavon Historical Society

Sir Robert Hart

Sir Robert Hart

Craigavon Historical Society cooperated with the children of Hart Memorial School in Portadown to produce a film about Sir Robert Hart. Click on link to view the video.

A recording of our January 2024 Zoom talk ‘The World Administered by Irishmen: Sir Robert Hart and Contemporary Irish in Asia’ given by historian Robin Masefield can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Lurgan Stories: Digging Deeper into Kilmocholmóg

Dig Video

Watch as evidence of an early medieval site is revealed during a community archaeological excavation of a site known as Kilmocholmóg (meaning ‘Church of my little Colman’), located just off the Kilmore Road, Lurgan. Click to view video of 2022 dig

About us

We are a cross-community group formed in 1967 with the objective of preserving community history as land between Lurgan and Portadown was being cleared to develop the "New City" of Craigavon.

Our interests cover the former borough of Craigavon including the towns of Portadown and Lurgan and the villages and rural areas surrounding them, each with their own rich history.

Our logo shows a section through a cruck truss dwelling typical of houses once common in this area. Click here to view the interior of Cruck House at the Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra.

Research and publications

We encourage research into local history and are proud of our biennial journal, Review which includes articles by members and friends. We have also published a number of booklets including historical town trails of Lurgan and Portadown.


We organise outings not only to local sites of historical interest but also further afield helping set our local history in the context of developments throughout Ireland.