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Title Author Reference
Obituary - John F McShane Anon Vol.6 No.3
Dendrochronology and its Irish Implications Baillie M G L Vol.2 No.2
The tree ring dating of a group of Waringstown timbers Baillie M G L Vol.3 No.2
Ballyeasboro' historical exhibition Bell T W A Vol.2 No.2
Lough Neagh and the local Sailing Club Bell G P 1978 ed.
Sesquicentenery of St. John the Evangelist, Gilford Ann Cairns Vol.8 No.1
Reflections on Irish Linen Calvert L Vol.5 No.1
Desert raid Calvert L Vol.5 No.2
Mountains of Mourne Calvert L Vol.6 No.1
Gilford and its mills Campbell M P Vol.4 No.3
Tullylish - Its Celtic origins Campbell M P Vol.6 No.2
Fairs and markets in Portadown in the 1850s Canning J Vol.6 No.2
Presbyterianism in Lurgan 1684-1984 Cassells D B Vol.5 No.1
For the Love of God Cassells D B Vol.6 No.1
The Ulster Canal Cassells D B Vol.8 No.2
"Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days" Cassells D B Vol.8 No.3
Irish connections Castles D Vol.6 No.1
17th Century Quaker Meeting Places in the Lurgan area Chapman G R Vol.2 No.1
The Clog Ban Chapman G R Vol.2 No.3
Brookfield School, Moira Chapman G R Vol.5 No.2
An early emigrant family from Seagoe Parish to America in 1682 Chapman G R Vol.5 No.3
The graveyards of North West Down Clarke R S J Vol.2 No.1
The Brownlow family and the rise of Lurgan Clendinning K Vol.1 No.1
A way of life disappears Clendinning K Vol.1 No.2
The Armagh by-election 1753 Clendinning K Vol.2 No.1
Brownlow Castle Clendinning K Vol.3 No.1
In the wake of progress Clendinning K Vol.3 No.2
Market day in Portadown Clendinning K Vol.3 No.2
William F McFadzean V.C. Clendinning K Vol.5 No.5
The Middle Church Ballinderry Clendinning K Vol.6 No.1
County Armagh Travels of an Early Methodist Preacher Clendinning K Vol.6 No.2
The Development of the Linen Industry in the Lurgan Area Clendinning K Vol.7 No.1
Convent schools Clendinning K 1996/97
An appreciation of Wilfred Cooper Clendinning K 1996/97
The Montiaghs in 1830 Clendinning K 1996/97
Moyrah congregation Clendinning K 1996/97
Represented North Armagh Clendinning K 1996/97
The Lurgan Volunteers Clendinning K 1996/97
That lovely place Ardmore Clendinning K 1996/97
The burning of the church steeple Clendinning K 1996/97
Waringstown House Clendinning K 1996/97
The Opening of the Carnegie Library Clendinning K 1996/97
Lynastown burial ground Cooper S J W Vol.1 No.1
Roof construction in traditional houses in the Craigavon area Cooper S J W Vol.1 No.1
List of townlands in the Greater Craigavon area Cooper S J W Vol.1 No.2
People I met (1) The Blacksmith Cooper S J W Vol.1 No.2
People I met (2) The Carrier Cooper S J W Vol.2 No.2
Looking back at farming Cooper S J W Vol.3 No.3
An Architectural & Historical Occasion Cooper S J W Vol.7 No.1
Replica of Bronze Age house Cooper S J W Vol.4 No.2
The Church of the Holy Trinity, Waringstown Cooper S J W Vol.4 No.2
The Walk, Portadown Courtney B Vol.8 No.3
Family names in the Lurgan area Creery P Vol.1 No.1
Early settlers in Lurgan Creery P Vol.2 No.2
A 17th and 18th century family chronicle Crozier J C Vol.2 No.2
Dolly Monroe - A 17th and 18th century family chronicle cont. Crozier J C Vol.2 No.2
Old times, old names, old events Crozier J C Vol.2 No.3
Birds of Lurgan Park Culbert W Vol.5 No.1
Oxford Island Culbert W Vol.5 No.2
Letter from Hannah Dawson to her niece Heather (1933) Dawson H Vol.7 No.1
Some people from Seagoe Duquette J + McKay J Vol.6 No.2
Ulster memories England R Vol.3 No.3
The Brackagh Moss accident Fitzgerald D Vol.6 No.3
Emigration from the Craigavon District Fitzgerald P Vol.8 No.2
Historical Aspects of Kilmore House Fitzpatrick H Vol.5 No.3
Exhibition in Tartaraghan Fleming W E C Vol.2 No.2
Tartaraghan precinct Fleming W E C Vol.3 No.3
Moses Taggart, the Poet of the Boglands Fleming W E C Vol.4 No.2
Tartaraghan old graveyard Fleming W E C Vol.5 No.1
Tartaraghan during the great Irish Famine Fleming W E C Vol.5 No.2
Communications in Clancan Fleming W E C Vol.5 No.3
Cockhill - parish of Tartaraghan Fleming W E C Vol.6 No.1
The Brownlow Papers Follis B Vol.5 No.3
Railways in Craigavon Friel C P Vol.2 No.2
Folk Drama in the Craigavon area Gailey A Vol.3 No.2
Derryhale, Some Historical Notes Galway JE Vol.8 No.2
Ezekiel Bullock - a Lurgan clockmaker Gardiner C Vol.5 No.2
Notes on Lurgan Workhouse Gardiner C Vol.6 No.1
Holy Howlers Daphne Gilmour Vol.7 No.3
The Down of the Thistle Jack Gilpin Vol.8 No.3
A Farming Diary for 1885 Florence Gracey Vol.8 No.2
Tales from Kinnego (1) "Tail" of the White Mare Grayson L Vol.7 No.1
Tales from Kinnego (2) Meatballs - American Style Grayson L Vol.7 No.1
The end of Mourne Water in Portadown Hadden R E Vol.3 No.2
Historical References to the Craigavon area Rosalind Hadden Vol.8 No.2
Talking to the doctor Rosalind Hadden Vol.7 No.3
Doctor at Sea Rosalind Hadden Vol.8 No.1
Portadown College in the Past Rosalind Hadden Vol.8 No.1
The Summer of the Factory Horn Strike Rosalind Hadden Vol.8 No.2
Magheralin: a historical notebook Hamilton T N Vol.2 No.2
The W.A. Gracey Photographic Collection Hill E Vol.8 No.3
Moira Hughes H Vol.2 No.1
Secondary education in Lurgan 50 years ago Hunter E Vol.5 No.2
The hens' bucket Hunter E Vol.6 No.1
These I have loved Hunter E Vol.6 No.3
School Days long ago Hunter E Vol.7 No.1
From single ford to five bridges - Moyallen Jackson W H Vol.2 No.3
Rainfall in Craigavon area Jackson W H Vol.3 No.1
The Quaker influence in Moyallon Jackson W H Vol.3 No.3
Memories of an old pupil of Derrycarne School Jackson W H Vol.5 No.3
Letters Home Jensen Mary Vol.7 No.3
Little Memories of Country Life Jensen Mary Vol.8 No.1
The Cottage Meeting Jensen Mary 1996/97
War-time memories of a child Jensen Mary Vol.7 No.3
The Miller's Tale Jensen Mary Vol.8 No.2
Unforgettable Characters Jensen Mary Vol.8 No.2
The development of the English language in Ireland Kelly Dermot Vol.7 No.3
Crozier of Banbridge Kerr J. Vol.5 No.1
Churchill - Home of the Verners Kerr J. Vol.6 No.3
Castledillon and the Molyneux family Kerr J. 1996/97
An 18th Century Linen Damask Tablecloth from Ireland Lewis E Vol.7 No.1
Childhood days at the Argory 1903-1916 Lutton E Vol.8 No.1
The townland of Ballyhannon Lutton E Vol.9 No.1
Quaker Education in the past Lutton E Vol.8 No.2
Portadown and Banbridge Regional Waterworks Lutton S C Vol.1 No.1
County Armagh Yeomanry Corps Lutton S C Vol.1 No.2
The linen trade of County Armagh since the turn of the century Lutton S C Vol.2 No.3
They witnessed history in the making - Dublin 1916 Lutton S C Vol.3 No.1
The Blacker Diaries (Vol. 1) Lutton S C Vol.3 No.2
A short history of the Loughgall area Lutton S C Vol.4 No.3
The Blacker Diaries (Vol. 2) Lutton S C Vol.4 No.3
Two Cities in peace and war Lutton S C Vol.5 No.1
The rise and development of Portadown Lutton S C Vol.5 No.2
The Inland Port of Portadown Lutton S C Vol.5 No.3
The Craigavon Historical Society comes of age Lutton S C Vol.6 No.1
Industry in the Upper Bann Valley Lutton S C Vol.6 No.2
Poems, ballads and rhymes Lutton S C 1996/97
Childhood memories of Portadown in the mid 1920s Lutton S C Vol.6 No.3
Travel and transport in the North of Ireland Lutton S C Vol.7 No.3
Linen - from the flax in the field to the finished linen cloth Lutton S C Vol.8 No.1
Confrontation in Derrytrasna Mac Atasney G 1996/97
Some aspects of the Great Famine in Lurgan Poor Law Union 1845-47 Mac Atasney G Vol.7 No.1
Accountability in Education - an historical perspective Maguire A Vol.5 No.3
Accountability in Education - Part 2 Maguire A Vol.6 No.1
James Logan - Secretary to William Penn Malcomson T J Vol.1 No.2
Dicky Barton - an eccentric Lurgan Curate Malcomson T J Vol.2 No.1
Isaac Bullick and the rise of Methodism in Lurgan Malcomson T J Vol.2 No.3
Ralph Pearse, alias Richard Harlow Malcomson T J Vol.3 No.1
John O'Donovan and Dean Waring Malcomson T J Vol.3 No.2
John O'Donovan visits Magheralin Malcomson T J Vol.4 No.2
Alexander Cuppage of Silverwood Malcomson T J Vol.3 No.3
Notes from a war-time diary Martin B Vol.7 No.3
Woodhouse Street, its past and its people Martin B 1996/97
Lurgan's Talking Statue Martin B Vol.8 No.1
A Mid-Ulster Murder Martin B Vol.8 No.2
Letters from a friend Martin B Vol.8 No.3
The Royal Organ of Windsor McClure E Vol.6 No.2
Sandy Small of Markethill - A county Armagh merchant McConnell GBG Vol.7 No.1
Trees and man in the Craigavon area McCorry F X Vol.2 No.3
Infant mortality McCorry F X Vol.5 No.1
Irish towns in the mid-nineteenth century McCorry F X Vol.5 No.2
Residential stability and population mobility 1856-64 McCorry F X Vol.5 No.3
Lurgan 1693 McCorry F X Vol.6 No.1
The Lough Gullion drainage attempt McCorry F X Vol.3 No.2
The Loughsiders McCorry F X 1978 ed.
The Famine of 1846-48 McCorry F X Vol.3 No.3
The Poetry of the Montiaghs McCorry F X Vol.4 No.2
Demographic crisis in Shankill Parish, Lurgan McCorry F X Vol.4 No.3
Seagoe Parish archives McCorry F X Vol.7 No.3
Global Warming or Historical Repetition? McCorry F X Vol.8 No.1
Shankill Graveyard, Lurgan McCorry F X Vol.8 No.2
Keeping in Touch with the Family McElroy E Vol.6 No.3
An old game - "Catty" McElroy E Vol.7 No.1
The Beautiful and the Brave - The Story of Two Monroes McElroy E Vol.7 No.1
A bad day at Magill's Ford - The Battle of Gilford McElroy E Vol.6 No.3
The Nicholsons - Quakers, Bleachers and Soldiers McElroy E Vol.8 No.1
George William Russell (AE) McElroy E Vol.8 No.2
Headstones to the Past McElroy K Vol.5 No.3
The Scutch Mill and Associated Poems McElroy K Vol.7 No.1
John Macoun, botanist and explorer from Maralin McGeown M G Vol.4 No.2
All in a day's work William McGeown Vol.7 No.3
The Lean Years William McGeown Vol.8 No.1
Weigh Back in Time William McGeown Vol.8 No.3
The Agricultural Revolution William McGeown Vol.8 No.2
The Old Railway Station Portadown McIntyre H E Vol.5 No.3
Memories of the Railway Steam Engine McIntyre H E Vol.6 No.1
Lough Neagh - Ulster's inland sea Mitchell NC &
Morton RG
Vol.2 No.1
FOREWORD - How the Society began Mooney Dean B Bulletin No.1
Some townlands and their derivations Mooney Dean B Vol.1 No.2
The Danes on Lough Neagh Mooney Dean B Vol.1 No.2
Rural school amalgamation in the Parish of Drumcree: Perplexities of Interdenominationalism in the early twentieth century Moffat C Vol.8 No.3
Angels and Heroes Moreno A Vol.8 No.3
A History Lesson Mullan JM Vol.6 No.1
Species Extinction in the Montiaghs O'Hara E Vol.3 No.1
Parish of Drumcree Pickering J A Vol.6 No.3
Collecting Postcards Quail Des Vol.7 No.1
Whodunnit? A Lough Neagh map mystery of 1765 Redmond Jack Vol.7 No.3
A Layman defends John Rocque Redmond Jack Vol.6 No.2
Memories by Johnston Redmond Redmond Jack Vol.7 No.1
Memories by Johnston Redmond (Part 2) Redmond Jack 1996/97
History of Seagoe Parish Riley D Vol.6 No.2
The Monuments of County Armagh Robinson George Vol.2 No.1
Portadown Port Robinson George Vol.6 No.2
Farm life and farming before the second world war Robinson George Vol.6 No.3
The Early Tied Worker Robinson George Vol.7 No.1
The Agricultural Museum at Ardress Seawright L 1978 ed.
Memories of William Street Sleator A G Vol.8 No.1
A Journey of Remembrance Sleator A G Vol.7 No.3
The Presbyterians of Portadown Sleator A G Vol.3 No.2
Portadown Station Sleator A G Vol.6 No.1
Problems for railway transport 60 years ago Sleator A G Vol.6 No.2
Living at Portadown Station in the 1940s Sleator A G 1996/97
War-time memories Smyth P Vol.6 No.3
Robbing the wild bee's nests Tallon A Vol.6 No.2
Taped Memories of Sport and Recreation in Portadown Thompson B Vol.8 No.2
Taped Memories of Corbett's Department Store Thompson B Vol.8 No.2
Obituary: Mollie McGeown (1923-2004) Trimble J Vol.8 No.3
The Montiaghs Turkington H Vol.2 No.3
The site of Craigavon Weatherup D R M Vol.2 No.1
The Bridges of Portadown Weatherup D R M Vol.3 No.1
Cuppage Carvings in Armagh County Museum Weatherup D R M 1978 ed.
Lurgan Free Library before Carnegie Weatherup D R M Vol.6 No.1
Swift in County Armagh Weatherup D R M Vol.7 No.3
The Newry Navigation - A Brief History Wilson Amanda Vol.6 No.1
In praise of graveyards Wilson E and P Vol.4 No.3
The townland of Knock Wilson P 1978 ed.
Lynastown - a 17th century Quaker burial ground Wilson PB Vol.6 No.3
19th century schools in Lurgan (1) Wilson Ian Vol.4 No.3
19th century schools in Lurgan (2) Wilson Ian Vol.5 No.1
Lurgan College register 1873-1899 Wilson Ian Vol.6 No.3
A nineteenth century love story Wilson Ian Vol.7 No.1
Lurgan College War Memorial Wilson Ian Vol.7 No.3
William Thompson Kirkpatrick (1848-1921) Wilson Ian Vol.8 No.1
Lurgan High School Register, 1923 Wilson Ian Vol.6 No.1
Edward Vaughan Boulger (1848-19??) - First Headmaster of Lurgan College Wilson Ian Vol.8 No.3
Factory Life in Portadown in the 1950s Wright Frederick & Lutton Sam Vol.8 No.3
Yeats Country Trip A joint report Vol.7 No.3

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