Parish Registers - historical treasures in manuscript

by Dr Francis X McCorry

A new book offering fresh insights into the social and religious history of County Armagh, 1660-1900. Recommended by Craigavon Historical Society.

Parish Registers By recording the key moments of life, Parish Registers provide the essence of the local community. Baptism, marriage and burial are the landmarks of the life-cycle for each individual, except where Baptism is not sought, and matrimony not required. IN MANY ways, the registers are great democratic records as entries seldom portray an indication of the social drama which accompanied the various rites. In some instances, a baptism may have been the occasion of much feasting and rejoicing. In others, the cleric resorted to summoning two godly people near at hand to act as sponsors or witnesses. Similar diversity could accompany the rite of marriage.

The registers of each denomination demonstrate that at least four different strands of Christian worship and affiliation evolved within County Armagh. Underlying the practices and patters which emerged from the local registers are the three great events which impacted on the religion and social dispositions of the people in and around the county, viz the Reformation, the Plantation and Catholic Emancipation.

168 pages, with footnotes: An analysis of ten parish registers of four different religious denominations. Shankill Church of Ireland and Catholic churches, Seagoe Church of Ireland and Catholic churches, Church of Ireland, Catholic and Presbyterian churches, Magheralin Church of Ireland church, Tynan Church of Ireland church, Lurgan and District Quaker church.

Hardback: £15.00   and   Softback: £12.00 - Postage free in UK and Republic of Ireland.

Available direct from the author: Francis X McCorry, 10 Parkview Street, Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT66 8QL

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