Lecture Programme 2001/2002

Date Event Lecturer Title
25 Sept 01 AGM & Philip Wilson Memorial Lecture Ruth Delany Ireland's Inland Waterways.
09 Oct 01 Lecture F X McCorry Ecclesiatical chuch sites including Seagoe, Shankill and old Camlin
13 Nov 01 Lecture Bill Kennedy 18th Century Ulster-Scots Emigration to the United States
11 Dec 01 Lecture Elgin Cameron Conservation of books and works of art
08 Jan 02 Lecture Marcus Patton Ulster Vernacular Architecture
12 Feb 02 Lecture Brian Courtney (Portadown Times) The Boer War - a family history
12 Mar 02 Lecture Stephen Cameron Titanic and the Ulster Connection
09 Apr 02 Members' Night - Lecture Primrose Wilson Historic Buildings - Antiques to be treasured or millstones?

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* The Philip Wilson Memorial Lecture is a public lecture supported by Craigavon Museum Services.