Craigavon Historical Society

Famous from Craigavon

We are keen to record and celebrate the achievements of people who grew up in what is now the Craigavon area.

Edward S. Calvert 1902-91 - aeronautical engineer whose inventions and research made outstanding contributions to air safety.
James Deeny
James Deeny 1934-37 - Republic of Ireland's Chief Medical Adviser and key figure in the World Health Organisation.
Charles Lamb
Charles Lamb 1893-1964 - from house painter to renowned artist.
Sam McCready Snr.
Sam McCready Snr. 1897-1934 - world renowned rose hybridiser.

Mollie McGeown
Professor Mary G (Mollie) McGeown 1923-2004 - physician, clinical scientist and kidney transplantation pioneer.
George Russell
George Russell 1867-1935 - poet, painter, journalist, agricultural economist and mystic.
James Sleator
James Sleator 1885-1950 - artist and painting tutor to Winston Churchill.
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker 1930-2003 - academic, journalist and later film critic at the Evening Standard

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Craigavon Historical Society