Craigavon Historical Society

Box Of Curiosities

Curiosities BoxCraigavon Museum Services has launched its brand new Box of Curiosities!!!!! In the Museum we have a large number of objects in storage as display space is limited. We have a number of access and outreach programmes including the "Box of Curiosities" which was nominated for the Irish Heritage Council's Museum of the Year Awards. The Box of Curiosities brings the Museum right into the classroom. The concept is based on the 18th century idea of the "Cabinet of Curiosities" where young gentlemen making "The Grand Tour" would bring with them a wooden box on wheels containing family heirlooms and interesting objects for the entertainment of their host families.

Our box has been specially designed and constructed and contains objects from the Museum's collection which range from the Stone Age right through to World War Two.

The objects are carefully chosen by Museum staff for their "curiosity" value and their relevance to the school curriculum.

They are housed in a series of drawers and the children choose a drawer, open it and then have to identify the object inside. The children have the opportunity to handle most of the objects and the others they can still see at close quarters.

The Box had its first airing in January 2003 and since then has been seen by many schools. The format is extremely flexible and has also been used as a basis for reminiscence projects.

If you would like any further information contact our museum assistants on (028) 3834 1635.