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About the Society

CHS logo - cruck truss dwelling

Craigavon Historical Society was formed in 1967 with the objective of preserving community history as land between Lurgan and Portadown was being cleared for the development of the "New City" of Craigavon. Our logo shows a cruck truss dwelling typical of some of the houses found in the area.

Craigavon Museum Services

Sir Robert Hart
Sir Robert Hart

Craigavon Historical Society enjoys a close working relationship with Craigavon Museum Services and were delighted to cooperate with David Weir of Museum Services in the creation of a film about the remarkable Sir Robert Hart presented by the children of Hart Memorial School in Portadown.

For more information about Craigavon Museum Services click on the link below:

What we do

Talks, outings, research and publications

The society's primary activity is our lecture series - meeting monthly lectures from September through to April. The society also organises two historical outing in May - an evening outing and a Saturday all-day outing. Further details can be found in our programme.

We also encourage and participate actively in research into local history in addition to our biennial journal, Review, we have published a number of booklets including historical town trails of Lurgan and Portadown.

Photographs from some of our outings


Craigavon Historical Society's biennial journal, Review.

Some of the covers of Review published during the last 35 years.

Review Vol. 10 No. 3 was published in April 2017. Its 64 pages contain many articles on the history of the Craigavon and surrounding areas including a number of illustrations in full colour. Please note that the contents of recent Reviews may not appear on the web site for some years after time of publication.

To order your copy, please forward a your name, address and a cheque made payable to Craigavon Historical Society (see rates below) to the Honorary Secretary - Mr John Trimble, 103 Drumgor Park, Craigavon, BT65 4AH, Northern Ireland. Price, including postage and packing, is £7.50 to UK, £9.000 to Éire and £10.00 to USA and Canada.